I Am Here

I’m astounded that so many months have flown by since I last blogged.  I’m not sure how that happened, except that life continues.  I will endeavor to post again soon.

I’m currently mulling over the fine line between truly enjoying a musical experience and getting bogged down in the minutiae of a “perfect” performance.  (This is one of those logic puzzles of which my professor of philsophy was so fond.)  If music is meant to be enjoyed, both as a listener and as a performer, then it would stand to reason that it be approached as such.  However, if music isn’t beautiful unless it is “sonorous,” then it would make sense that technique and expression are honed.  What happens when these two aspects aren’t at equilibrium?  I’m thinking, for example, of people playing in a community band or orchestra.  Members participate in order to have fun and make beautiful music together. However, socializing can’t be the driving force in participation because it would come at the cost of musicianship.  On the other hand, if musical skill and performance are overly stressed, then the experience isn’t enjoyable.

I’m trying to find the balance for myself and for those I work with and teach.  Anyone have any comments on your discoveries here or in other areas with a similar issue of balance?