Will the Show Go On?

This week has been just awful. After falling sick last Thursday evening with a bad head cold, I’m still not well, and my two kids have come down with it to boot, albeit in lesser degrees, thank goodness.  I have a major concert tomorrow that’s been planned for months, and I can barely phonate.

I tried to rest as much as possible this week, but still had to go to several rehearsals, teach, and be mom…as you do.  So, the question now is, will the show go on? I am heartily disappointed at the possibility of The Three Sopranos being the Two Sopranos or rescheduling a major concert (assuming the venue will still have us). However, the hard lesson this week is acceptance of what is. Sometimes, no matter your will, there simply isn’t a way, and you just have to live with it. I don’t like this lesson because I’m very stubborn. I suppose that’s why I end up learning it again and again. Stay tuned for the conclusion of…Will the Show Go On?