Brief Bio

Dawn T. Corso, Ph.D.

Dr. Dawn Corso, coloratura soprano, is an emerging opera singer beginning her second career.  She has earned five college degrees in the seemingly disparate fields of anthropology, ethnomusicology, music education, and educational psychology.  Her doctorate from the University of Illinois combined these studies in research focusing on comparisons of music learning between cultures, both in and out of school, and how that relates to music education in the United States, which has been published in a variety of journals.  She is a K-12 certified music teacher and has taught in a variety of public and private schools, as well as at the University of Illinois and University of Arizona.

She is currently teaching choir, band, and general music in a private Montessori school for preschool through middle-school students, where she was awarded Teacher of the Year.  She also plays trumpet in two Phoenix concert bands, serves as substitute conductor for these ensembles, and has directed a civic wind ensemble.  Her mantra is that all students—young and old—can and should learn music because music is a form of human understanding and communication that is absolutely unique and transcends cultural, economic, religious, linguistic, historic, and geographic boundaries.

After devoting her career to education, she is now focusing on performance in her study of opera with her voice teacher, Ms. Isola Jones, a former singer with the Metropolitan Opera and faculty at South Mountain Community College, and opera coach, Mr. Robert Mils, accompanist to the Arizona Opera and Phoenix Opera and faculty at Arizona State University.  Her outstanding coloratura has earned many invitations for guest performances, especially from the repertoire of Mozart’s Queen of the Night.  She was also named a semi-finalist in the Teaneck Opera Festival in New Jersey this spring.  Dr. Corso has recently performed with Ms. Isola Jones and Ms. Vanessa McGlothen in a benefit concert for South Mountain Community College’s music department, as one of “The Three Sopranos,” and continues to perform in this concert ensemble while engaging main stage opera roles.


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